- Your child should be wearing a swimsuit under his/her clothes.
- A sunshirt/rashguard shirt 50SPF would be ideal to wear on top of their swimsuit.
- Watershoes or sandals must be worn at all times!
- Clothes MAY get stained FOREVER with all different kinds of paints...so try not to have clothes you care too much about...
- Please put sunscreen on them before you drop them (we will continuously apply it on them, but they need to have it on especially on their faces)
- LABEL (PUT YOUR CHILD's NAME on) EVERYTHING they bring...sunscreen bottles, water bottles, hats...
- THIS YEAR: Your child may do only ART activities (if he/she does not know how to rollerblade). We will be rollerblading when weather permits, only with kids who already know how to rollerblade. If your child knows how to rollerblade and wants to rollerblade during camp, please bring all the necessary gear the first day of camp (helmet, elbow pads, wrist pads, knee pads) PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING. We will keep the gear for the entire week. 
- Park the car next to camp and bring your child to camp. If you would like to stay at the park you have to pay the parking fee using PaybyPhone. Make sure you park in the parking lot and take your child to camp as fast as you can in a safely manner!



Each child should bring a bag/backpack with:
- a snack
- lunch in a lunchbox ( ideally that does not require warm up) if your child is a picky eater - We offer a delicious LUNCH (For a small additional charge) delivered everyday by The Golden Hog
- a water bottle or two with cool water in it( we will provide extra water at all times)
- a hat
- a change of clothes and LONG SOCKS for rollerblading (for those who want to rollerblade)
- extra swimsuit and small towel
- sunscreen on and sunscreen bottle inside bag
- bug spray inside the bag, especially if child is allergic to any bug spray                                        

Thank you for your time and attention and we will see you soon!
If you have any questions please contact us at 786 3063017.

Have a wonderful day and let the fun begin!!!!! :)

Monica Campana (Camp Director)

p.s. In case of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, the camp will be cancelled. Sorry, no Refunds. This is a camp in nature. In the past 5 years, it has rained only during three days overall. In case of rain, we will remain under the shelter but we will perform numerous creative activities. If there are no lightings (safety is always our priority number 1), the kids may even dance under the rain and have the experience of a lifetime!