If you would like to take advantage of the Homemade Lunches that Elizabeth made for the kids during our camp last year, please call her at 786-720-4033 by June 9th to reserve the meal for your child's first week of camp and send her an envelope to: (290 Sunrise Dr, apt. 102, Key Biscayne, FL 33149) with the amount she requests in the form of check to her name (ELIZABETH MARTINEZ). For the following weeks, please bring an envelope with the money enclosed every FRIDAY (before the beginning of the following week): write the FIRST and LAST NAME of your child and the days you are paying for ($12 per day and $45 for the week) and give it to ANDREA.


                                                KIDS MENU ($12 a day or $45 a week)                                           

                        MONDAY- Shredded chicken breast, white rice and broccoli, a serving of fruit and bottled water

                        TUESDAY - Mini homemade hamburger with fries, a serving of fruit and bottled water

                        WEDNESDAY – Macaroni and cheese, a serving of fruit and bottled water

                        THURSDAY – Beef stew, rice with carrots and plantain, a serving of fruit and bottled water

                        FRIDAY – Chicken nuggets with fries, a serving of fruit and bottled water



                                    MENU INFANTIL ($10 al dia o $35 por semana)                           

                       LUNES -- Pechuga de pollo desmenuzada, arrozblanco y brócoli, ración de fruta y agua

                       MARTES – Mini-hamurguesa “casera” con papas burguer, agua y ración de frutas.

                       MIERCOLES – Macarrones con queso, ración de frutas, agua.

                       JUEVES Carne guisada, arroz con zanahoria y plátano, ración de frutas y agua

                      VIERNES – Chicken nuggetscon papas fritas, ración de frutas y agua.

Ración de frutas (varia todos los dias): MANZANA, CAMBUR/BANANO, NARANJA, MANGO, UVAS VERDES/ROJAS)